We are making big differences in Export-Import-Tourism-Travel and Organisation. In our product range you can find more than 50.000.00 diffrerent products.


With our large Product range we give you possibility to find everything you need on one place and for best prices and best quality in followed Products.Spare parts for alla types of Tractors, Trucks, Heavy Construction Machines, Harvester (Casey and New Holland) and Automotive spare parts.
Tankers, tractor and truck romorks. PTO Compressors, disc ridger, leveling blade, Disc Plough, disc plough(one Way), pneumatic precision seed planter Central Wheels Disc Harrow, Multi Disc Harrow(With Stone Protector, Curved Blade Subsoiler, Direct Seed Drill, Tractor Cabine(MF, Fiat), 3 Point Linkage Offset Disc Harrow, Chisel with Roller, cultivator, S Type Cultivator, Heavy Duty Offset Disc Harrow, Roller, Baller.Food processing machines. (Halvah, Tahini, Grape Juice, Flow pack, Sour-Cherry seed removing machine, rotary pastry machine, Corn cips machine, Granule machine, cotton candy machines, pastry shaping machine, Caster Sugar Machines, Fruit Cleaning Machines, Mixers, Jam Machines, Turkish Delight Machines, Turkish Delight Cutting Machine, Sunflower shell separating machines. Stick Crushing machines)
Wild Animals Scare Machines, Stone Collector Machine, Beach Cleaner Machine, Canal Opener Machine, All types of Valves and Fittings. Irrigation Systems, PVC Windows and Doors, Steel Doors, Construction Machines equipments and Machines,
Fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.
Chemicals, Packages, Bags, Coils and ect.


Spare parts for Tractor and Trucs is maked from Casted Iron, Steel, Aluminium and Pick.
Food Machines is our special Products. Tahini, Turkish Delight, Halwa, Chocolate. Packing Machines and others.
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